Lettering Looks

I made this numbers exploring different looks for lettering, I wanted to create completely different approaches to get out of my comfort zone and try something different than what I am used to. I made a quick pencil sketch for the shapes and then it was about playing with Illustrator and Procreate in the Ipad to achieve the final result.


The McLain Brothers Project

The McLain Brothers is an animated show concept about two brothers that fight crime, traveling the wild west in their ice-cream shop train and using their super advanced freezing technology to catch the bad guys. 

After developing the concept and creating the promotional poster, I decided to create an inside and an outside concept for the ice cream train visiting one of the old western towns. It helped to develop the environment and various details. This project is one that I had the most fun working on from start to finish, and I hope to continue to build it even more in the future.


Park People Series #1

I wanted to create some characters from people I saw at the park. I initially created a quick pencil sketch and brought them to a finish on the iPad to practice a little Procreate. I keep learning tricks every time I try it, but still doesn't feel like my process in Photoshop adapts too easy to it. I will keep learning and see if I can make it work. For now is a great tool to create something while not being at the desk.  

Bird Exploration

For this project I wanted to quickly explore the combination of texture and flat shapes, also reducing the linework to a minimum. In some of them I went a little too far with the texture but it was good to see how it could be incorporated with flat color areas.